Friday, June 2, 2017


Sorry for the all-capitalized title, but, as it states, I have a quick question that requires feedback from you, my lovely readers.

I am considering taking the advertising option in order to make some money off this blog (because Heaven knows I need it), which would also require me posting more often, which means more chapters and random ramblings. However, my question to you is as follows:

Would the addition of an ad here and there be distracting and/or annoying to you? 

I haven't conducted much research on the matter, and am just considering it for the time being, but I doubt they would pop up very often. Probably at the initial visit to this blog page. Anyway, PLEASE comment your thoughts. Your feedback matters to me.

Also, stay tuned for a chapter by the beginning of next week! My apologies for taking so terribly long.