Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's Been a Long, Long Time...

It's May.
It's May, and I feel as though I'm just emerging from beneath a rock. In a sense, though, I am, if a rock is synonymous for college. (College is actually wonderful, if time consuming. Then again, I suppose everything consumes some fragment of time.)

The past however-many-months-since-I-last-posted flew by in a flurry of papers and exams, and I wrote little outside of assignments, thus the reason for my temporary drop off the face of the sphere of blogging. Which I know wins first place among lousy excuses.

Moving onward to the purpose of this particular post. Tomorrow marks the beginning of finals week, and with the extra time, I will begin writing The Mark of the King anew and in earnest and power through until its completion.

Long story short: I'm still alive and will have a new chapter here sometime in the near future (within the next couple weeks at the most).