Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ask the Blogger: A Q&A Blogging Tour

While I edit chapter twenty-two, I thought it would be interesting to do a couple question and answer posts. Basically, you ask a question in the comments of this post, as many as you like but please I ask only that you keep it clean, and I will answer as many of them as possible in my next post.

Please not that while I shall endeavor to answer them all, I won't if I feel that the question is too personal for the internet (it is the internet, after all, and there are safety measure that must be heeded). I hope you understand that this may be the case if I do not reply in the following post.

I will write up the answer portion of this tour in a week or so, so that allows you plenty of time to think of questions! I look forward to reading them!

God bless you,

Fellow bloggers- feel free to use the photo attached to this post if you wish to do a question and answer of your own!