Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lamenting America

Nearly a week ago, my country made a decision. A decision that shattered the walls of my world. A decision that broke my heart and bruised my spirit. In doing so, you denied me my right- my right to freedom.
America, you are no longer my country. You have decided to hunt me and my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, branding us as the enemy; turning your sights on us with your finger on the trigger. You have betrayed me. You have betrayed us.
Now that Independence Day is upon us, no longer can I celebrate the way I did as a child- innocent, naive, and secure in a sense of safety. You have taken that away from me. 
I live in this country, yes, but I am no longer proud to call myself an American. No longer can I ask God to bless you, because you have turned your back completely on Him. I can only fall to my knees, weeping, and beg for Him to have mercy.
You have chosen to rewrite the definitions of God. You have made lawlessness law. You have made immorality right. You have fled from God, from the very morals you were founded upon.

My prayer everyday is for God to have mercy on you. My prayer is for Him to give me and other Christians strength as we face persecution from our neighbors, our friends, and our families. My prayer is for our faith to grow in Him, and for Him to show us how to love those who mean us wrong.
My prayer is for you, America, to repent and run back into the arms of God.

It has taken me nearly a week to write this. I have been in mourning. As I write this now I am fighting back tears. For the past five days, I have had a line from a song stuck in my head: "Brothers, sisters, the ending is coming. We are fallen."

America, your only hope lies in He whom you rejected. I beg now that He have mercy on you.

To my fellow believers, I pray for the Lord to give you strength as we face our tribulation. Remember that the rainbow is not the symbol of immorality- it is the vow God made to give us hope!

All these things have been weighing heavy on my heart. I needed to write them down, to share my sorrows.

May God bless you, and may God have mercy on America.

~Abigail Blair