Sunday, November 23, 2014

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

Before you ask, I know that it's supposed to be "The 12 Days of Christmas." And here it is November and nowhere near Christmas. Okay, so I know we're close, but we're not that close!!! But in America, especially now, we tend to overlook Thanksgiving and skip directly to Christmas. If you ask me, that's just wrong. On November 1st every store I know of has Christmas decorations and ads out, and Christmas carols playing. Um, hello? Did I miss something or is there supposed to be another holiday here?!
For my American readers, I hope I'm not alone in this. For my readers from other areas of the world, I still hope I'm not alone in this.
So, I have decided to do a thing of what I like to call, "The 12 Days of Thanksgiving." I am going to list twelve things I am thankful for and why. Then I am going to tag other bloggers to do the same.

Bloggers: You, as I stated above, must list twelve things you are thankful for. Then you can tag as many other bloggers as you want (be sure to let them know!!). Spread the word and get "The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving" started!! You can use the photo I used at the top of this post, if you want. There really aren't any other rules other than that!

(And yes, some of these are going to be the generic answers, but just bear with me!)

In No Particular Order:

1. My Family: You've always been there for me. And you always will be there for me, I know. I love you all so much, and I've been blessed beyond what I can imagine to have the family I do. Thank you for putting up with me when I'm tired, frustrated, angry, happy, confused, and generally in a bad mood. I know you're kind of stuck with me for another couple years, but consider this a thank you and an apology. I love you so much!

2. My Friends: You guys have been there for me, put up with my obsessions over some things, seen me at my worst and my best and you've still stuck around... I'm still not too sure how that's going to turn out, but hey! You're here! So let's go be crazy and make mayhem and chaos (which really translates into "Hey! Let's all go over to ______'s house, eat lots of junk food, and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix while planning to take over the world!!!"). Don't worry. That last bit won't happen. We're all too lazy, right guys? ;)

3. My Readers: Yes, you lovely people are on my thankful list, too! Without you all, I wouldn't have a blog. You guys are my beta readers, and the people who listen to my random ramblings and my sorry excuses. And you still keep coming back for more. That's what makes you all so important to me. You're faithful, even when I have nothing to give. Thank you all for that.

4. My Teachers: I would not know anything at all without your hard work and dedication. I wouldn't know how to write, so I wouldn't have any means to have my voice heard. I also wouldn't know how to get a job, or really anything without all the time you've put into my education. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for you.

5. My Teammates: We're all in this together. Oh, no. I did not just quote High School Musical. I did!! Oops. Oh well. That's pretty much all we do in the dugout, anyway. Thank you all for being so supportive, even when I make a huge mistake on the field. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and and for not letting me leave. Which I still have yet to figure out if that's a good thing or not... But I don't know what I'd do without my sisters on the field.

6. My Coaches: You didn't just teach me how to be a better athlete, you taught me how to be a better person and how to succeed and excel when life throws a low, outside curveball at me. If you've ever been my coach, you know how much I *love* those pitches as a batter... You've taught me that, no matter how tough things become, or if everything falls apart on me, or if I screw up massively, not to get inside my own head and tear myself apart over a mistake. You taught me how to learn from the past, but also how to let go of it, too.

7. My Books: Without which I would not be able to go on epic adventures, engage in battles of good vs. evil, and explore new worlds only accessible through raw imagination. From early on, to make me happy all you had to do was put a book in my hands and supply me with a flashlight so I could read late into the night, er, early morning...

8. My Cat: What? I'm a cat person. She's beautiful, see?
My cat, Hope <3

9. Food: hey, it was going to be on here sometime!!!

10. Music: I cannot go a day without music of some kind. How boring and dull life would be without it. It also helps me write and focus on my school work, which I should really be doing right about now... nah.

11. My Bible: Without that, I'd be lost. I would be so hopelessly lost in this world. It's a letter from God to His children. It's His message of hope and love. From Him to every single one of us.

And last but most certainly NOT least because He is by far the most important thing in my life:

12. God: He loves me, a worthless dirty sinner, so much that He died a horrible death. He died. For me. The fact that someone could love me so much to do that is incomprehensible. And it is because of that that I know that when I die, the greatest adventure anyone can ever hope to experience will begin because I will be in Heaven with my Lord and Savior. And I hope you will too.

Those things are what I am Thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to my American readers and an equally wonderful week for my readers from other areas of the world!

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Your turn for the 12 Days of Thanksgiving!!!

By the way, Chapter Thirteen of The Mark of the King will be up first thing next week!!