Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

I was tagged in a post by Hazel West of Hazel West's Character Purgatory for a writing process blog tour (as the title of this post implies!). From what I understand, you are given four questions about what you are working on and how you accomplish your writing goals! Then you tag several other writers and ask them the same questions. I think it sounds interesting. Thank you, Hazel! You can read her answers here.

On to my answers:

1.What are you working on?
Currently, I am in the lengthy process of writing a medieval fantasy epic which I have titled The Mark of the King. As to whether it will be a stand-alone novel, or whether I will break it into two or more books is at the moment, unknown. The Mark of the King is set in a world of my own creation, the Four Realms, containing Corrthaine, it's northern neighbor Tir Thuaidh, its western neighbor Tir O Niwl, and its even further western neighbor Talahm Glas.
As plots are concerned, it recounts the tale of Skandar Edmundson, a peasant boy who lived in one of the southern provinces of Corrthaine. Skandar was born unique, with silver eyes. What's unique about that, you ask? Read, wait, and you'll see! Anyway, when Skandar was a young boy, his father was taken by Lord Joran, right hand man to King Fendral, and sentenced to embark upon a perilous quest to find the sword, Bródúil, which was legend to bring the bearer ultimate power over any foe. His father never returned, and Skandar vowed one day he would search for him and either find or avenge him. Many years later, Skandar follows in his father's footsteps and is taken to the Capitol by Lord Joran. There, he meets several other young men and women who eventually help him.
That's all I'm going to say at the moment; I don't want to spoil anything! Though this book brings me such pain as only a writer will understand, I love it and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I do writing it!

2. How does your work differ from those of its genre?
I'm just going to state this right off the bat- this question is difficult. I sincerely hope it differs, because then it would be memorable in the minds of my faithful readers! As of how, I can honestly only speculate. 
Every author has their own unique writing style and way of setting up the story, creating characters, so on and so forth. Where The Mark of the King is concerned, I have never read anything like it, or at least, I don't remember reading anything like it. And also, I don't ever recall reading any work of fiction where the hero is a guy with red hair. So there's that, if nothing else!
In my writing, I try to place a Christian emphasis toward my characters and address everyday spiritual struggles. I have tried to create characters with different upbringings, situations, families, etc. in order to attempt to connect with people of various backgrounds. I have Catrain, Muriel, Aidan, and Eoin who were born into positions where they were exposed with the word and influence of the True King (God) in their everyday life. Oliver, on the other hand, was born into a family where his father utterly rejects and defies the True King and seeks what the world has to offer. Only by the actions and witness of others did Oliver come to know the True King. Skandar was born into a family where both his parents trusted wholeheartedly in the True King, but his unfortunate circumstances led him to believe that the True King abandoned him, and therefore, he wants nothing to do with Him. Then there's Flynn, who has never really heard or been exposed to the love of the True King. He seeks power among other worldly desires to fill the hole we are all born with. But enough of that for now, I'll address those matters more in my story.
Spiritual aspect aside, as far as a plot line with swords goes, it's a fairly common theme. But I've decided to put a twist on it I hope people will find interesting. But once again, that's all I'm going to say! Spoilers! (If you read that in River Song's voice, bonus points to you!)

3.Why do you love what you write?
As a child of six, my parents gave me a book for Christmas titled Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne. By the name of the book, you probably correctly assumed that it was a story about King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and other members of Camelot legend. I remember staying up late reading it, way past my bedtime. Basically, that's how my love of the medieval era was born.
So when I got the inspiration for The Mark of the King, I knew I had to set it in a medieval style world. Also, I've spent the better part of almost two years developing characters that I've grown rather fond of. They're a part of me I wouldn't readily give up.  
4.How does your writing process work?
Since this is the first book I've ever written successfully, my writing process is still a little bumpy. It's been mostly a trial-and-error system, meaning if something doesn't work, then I scrap that and try something else. Basically, it's something like this:
  1. The Idea (coming up with the basic plot, story line. Everything's pretty fluid and flexible at this point).
  2.  Write out a (Very) Rough Outline, as well as basic research on the topic.
  3. Develop Characters. There are multiple character sheets online I've used that have questions that help you get to know the characters. I usually keep their descriptions, as well as the answers to the questions in a separate journal.
  4. Sloppy Copy. I always keep my journal with me, so I can write whatever comes to me. Usually things are far from complete, as the things I write in it are often spur-of-the-moment ideas. Often times, I will write notes to myself on the tops of the pages, whether it's to look something up, include something I've forgotten to make the story flow better, etc. What's written in my journal it what I call the "sloppy copy."
  5. Typing it up (aka the First Draft). This is when I separate chapters, include what I've forgotten, research my topic more thoroughly, you probably get the picture.
  6. Edit (Second Draft). I send my chapters off to my parents and a couple teachers who have taught and graded my writing in the past. Both graciously volunteered to help me edit, a thing for which I am extremely grateful.
  7. Third Draft. Once I've received the input of my four editors, I make the necessary changes to my work, as well as read over it once again. **NOTE: everything here on, I have not actually done yet, but I'm fairly certain these are what I will do in the future.
  8. Fourth Draft and Beyond. When I've completed the seven steps above for each chapter and my story is complete, I'll read over it all, as well as send it off to my editors as a finished novel. Then I'll tear it apart (meaning edit the tiny details, take out any unnecessary elements, rework anything that needs attention).
  9. Post and Publish. I want to format it into either print or ebook form and sell my work. As of right now, I am at a loss as to how this works, but I'm certain I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!
  10. Become a famous author and do it all over again as many times as I have ideas for books!
Well, those are my answers! Now I have to tag people:

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Here are the questions:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. How does your work differ from those of its genre?
  3. Why do you love what you write?
  4. How does your writing process work?
One you complete the questions, be sure to tag others and notify them!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! 
On to announcements:
Chapter Eight of The Mark of the King will be up within a day or so! Yay!!
Also, my short story/Captain America: The Winter Soldier fanfic, Winter Bound, is pretty much complete and in the editing process! I'll post it when I'm finished!! I'm super excited about it, even though it has brought me prolonged pain for the past couple months. Ah, well. Being a writer, it is to be expected, I suppose.
Be on the look out for Chapter Eight in the next several days!
Have a wonderful week, and as always, God bless!